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Tenant Eviction Service

Welcome to Eviction Management Services

Our tenant eviction service can help you to secure possession of your property, often without having to go to court.

  • Need your property back to sell
  • Tenants not paying rent
  • Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance to neighbours
  • Crack houses and other drug activity
  • Illegal sub-letting
  • Squatters
  • Damaging your property

All of these are problems that we are well equipped to deal with and are tackling on a daily basis.

Our tenant eviction service comes backed up by our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable tenant eviction specialists that are ready and on hand to resolve your current tenancy issues by providing high levels of tenant eviction services across the UK.

By using our tenant eviction service you can save both time and money by getting possession of your property often without the need for the bailiffs. For a free no obligation appraisal contact us today. 

Contact us on: info@evictionmanagementservices.co.uk  or call 0121 393 1948

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Evicting Your Tenant

Stage 1 - £75 inc VAT

Service of a s.8 or s.21 Notice on the tenant, and a professional but strongly worded letter advising them of the implications of not paying the outstanding rent or not moving out

Stage 2 - £475 inc VAT (+ court fee)

Possession proceedings. The majority of tenants will have left at the end of Stage 1, however if not we will assist you to obtain a possession order and money judgement order - whilst we are at this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.

Stage 3 – £95 inc VAT (+ court fee)

In the unlikely event of your tenant still being at the property on expiry of the court order we will help you apply for a warrant of possession. This will mean that the tenants are physically removed from the property.