About us: We are an Affordable and Effective Tenant Eviction Company


Eviction Management Services is a professional tenant eviction company that was founded by Charles Anderson.

Charles has more than 20 years experience of managing Local Authority Homeless Services and Council Waiting Lists. He is also a member of the National Landlords Association and has a portfolio of his own property which he has managed for many years, which means that he understands the issues facing landlords especially when a landlord needs to recover his property and the tenant is not paying any rent.

He has extensive knowledge of Housing Law and the Law relating to the Allocation of Social Housing and has a wealth of experience securing possession of residential property through the courts.

The knowledge that Charles has gained over 20 years has given him the skills to enable him to negotiate successfully with tenants so that an early departure from the property is achieved in most cases, so that possession through the courts is rarely necessary.

Evicting Your Tenant

Stage 1 - £75 inc VAT

Service of a s.8 or s.21 Notice on the tenant, and a professional but strongly worded letter advising them of the implications of not paying the outstanding rent or not moving out

Stage 2 - £475 inc VAT (+ court fee)

Possession proceedings. The majority of tenants will have left at the end of Stage 1, however if not we will assist you to obtain a possession order and money judgement order - whilst we are at this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.

Stage 3 – £95 inc VAT (+ court fee)

In the unlikely event of your tenant still being at the property on expiry of the court order we will help you apply for a warrant of possession. This will mean that the tenants are physically removed from the property.