Why we’re different


Most tenant eviction companies focus on using the legal process to secure possession of your property. This is all well and good but it can typically take 3 to 5 months for you to get your property back and don’t forget, in the case of simply ending the tenancy, you will have already had to have given your tenant 2 months notice.

Because we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the law and Local Authority procedures around homelessness and housing waiting lists, we understand what works and what doesn’t, in a variety of scenarios that may be applicable to you and to your tenant. 

We will steer your tenant through the maze of regulations that can so easily result in them having to stay in your property until you secure eviction through the courts so that they are able to leave your property well before court action becomes necessary – and at the same time we will keep you informed as to progress. We can also liaise with the Local Authorities homeless teams to resolve any misunderstandings that can lead to delays in your tenants moving out.

Whilst we will serve all notices and complete all court possession paperwork as professionally and expediently as our competitors, in addition to this we will also be using other methods to try and effect an early exit from your property.  It helps if we can communicate with the tenant because we can ascertain whether your tenant has been to the council.  If your tenant has been to the Council with a valid notice, and the Council have told them to sit tight and wait for a court order or even in some cases the bailiffs, then the council may potentially be acting unlawfully – if this is the case we have the experience and knowledge to challenge the council, and in 90% of cases the Council will back down and accommodate the tenant without having to go to court.  Our record so far is possession within 4 weeks of instruction.


Evicting Your Tenant

Stage 1 - £75 inc VAT

Service of a s.8 or s.21 Notice on the tenant, and a professional but strongly worded letter advising them of the implications of not paying the outstanding rent or not moving out

Stage 2 - £475 inc VAT (+ court fee)

Possession proceedings. The majority of tenants will have left at the end of Stage 1, however if not we will assist you to obtain a possession order and money judgement order - whilst we are at this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.

Stage 3 – £95 inc VAT (+ court fee)

In the unlikely event of your tenant still being at the property on expiry of the court order we will help you apply for a warrant of possession. This will mean that the tenants are physically removed from the property.