Important – Eviction Proceedings during the current coronavirus crisis

Many people will have heard about a so called “eviction ban” being imposed by the Government for a period of 3 months. Unfortunately, this is being misunderstood by many, landlords and tenants alike, as being a complete ban on all activities that are “eviction” related. In a nutshell the following is […]

Section 21 notice, section 8 notice, or both

If you need to evict your tenant, then chances are you are going to have to serve one or both of the above notices. Section 21 notice requiring possession More often than not the most common notice for landlords to serve until very recently, the regulations around service of the section [...]

Why you must now serve a gas safety certificate at the start of tenancy

Most landlords will be well aware of the Deregulation Act 2015 and how this legislation has added to the myriad of new rules and regulations that landlords need to be aware of if using an agent to manage their property, or be fully up to speed with if managing themselves. So, [...]

Observations of the court process with regard to residential possession claims

I’m sure what I’m going to say will resonate with many involved in securing possession of rented property in the county courts of this great land. The courts are horrendously busy now – everywhere. However, there are exceptions. A landlord took his possession claim into a county court recently and 2 [...]

Landlords Beware!!! A cautionary tale

Had an interesting eviction case recently which highlighted the ease that a well-practiced tenancy fraudster was able to secure tenancy after tenancy after tenancy. It all began several years ago in a very affluent area where the tenant in question, a lady of some means, was not getting along with her [...]

Possession in 14 Days at Dartford County Court

Possession in 14 Days at Dartford County Court. Representation from an excellent solicitors agent whose knowledge of landlord and tenant was superb! Tenant misguidedly thought that by returning all notices back to us she could claim that they had not been served and was shocked at the outcome. This was a [...]

Cheltenham possession in 14 days

Tabitha Walker Solicitors Agent from Jeffreys together with Gwyneth Allsopp Solicitor from Welcome Homes and myself. Possession secured in 14 Days at Cheltenham County Court on a wet and cold first day back after the Xmas break. Both Magistrates and County Court bursting at the seams today! Need an expert tenant [...]

Wolverhampton possession in 14 days

This was a last minute instruction following an adjournment on the 07/12/17. Possession granted in 14 Days at Wolverhampton County Court on discretionary grounds. Need an excellent Tenant Eviction Specialist with a provable track record? Call Charlie on 07738398720 or email on

Birmingham possession in 7 days

Possession in 7 Days at Birmingham County Court despite the Xmas moratorium on evictions. Tenant had only paid one months rent throughout the whole of the tenancy and therefore owed the landlord more than £5k – wish all my cases were this easy !. Need an expert tenant eviction service? Call [...]

NEW S.21

There is a new s21, it is form 6A, and a copy can be downloaded from The 6A is for all tenancies that commenced on or after 1st October 2015, but can also be used for earlier tenancies if you wish, although I don’t think it’s an advisable thing to do. [...]


Have you let a property after 1st October 2015? If so, the Deregulation Act 2015 applies to your tenancy and there are certain things you should have done. As a Tenant Eviction Specialist I am coming across lots of Landlords and Letting Agents who either haven’t heard of it or have [...]

Royal Courts of Justice

Possession hearing today at Central London County Court held at the Royal Courts of Justice. Hearing was 2pm but judge had 20 hearings to get through and we were in last . Possession granted in 14 days with judgement for the arrears and costs . Tenant had obtained the tenancy by [...]

Derby possession in 28 days

Derby Combined Courts this morning. Possession in 28 days with money judgement of £2K plus costs. Need a quality tenant eviction service, nationwide service, call Charlie on 07738 398720 or email on Please read customer reviews here.

Leeds possession in 14 days

Leeds County Court today with Sam Watterson of Watts & Co. Possession in 14 days with money judgement order of £4K plus costs. Need a tenant eviction service, nationwide coverage, call Charlie on 07738398720 or email Check out reviews from previous satisfied customers here.

Birmingham possession in 14 days

Possession in 14 days at Birmingham County Court. No two cases are the same and this one had its own twists and turns.

Evicting A Tenant

Evicting a Tenant? Evict a Tenant with Eviction Management Services Get FREE advice from our team At Eviction Management Services we can offer you a comprehensive service if you are looking to evict a tenant from your property. Our team of experienced tenant eviction specialists deal with tenant eviction on a [...]

How to Evict a Tenant

Do you need to know how to evict a Tenant? Evicting a Tenant Explained… Are you seeking advice on how to evict a tenant? if so, Eviction Management Services can offer a highly reliable and affordable service – details on how to evict a tenant will be explained within this page so that you [...]

Tenant Eviction Process

How the tenant eviction process works for landlords Stage 1. In the initial stage of the tenant eviction process the tenant is served with a s.21 Notice to bring the tenancy to an end or a s.8 Notice if there has been a breach of tenancy. Sometimes both notices are served together as [...]

Tenant Eviction Service

Contact us for an Affordable Tenant Eviction Service from Eviction Management Services Need a reliable Tenant Eviction Service? Eviction Management Services are a UK based tenant eviction service that are highly experienced in all areas of tenant eviction and eviction services. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of landlord and tenant law enables [...]