Section 21 notice, section 8 notice, or both

If you need to evict your tenant, then chances are you are going to have to serve one or both of the above notices. Section 21 notice requiring possession More often than not the most common notice for landlords to serve until very recently, the regulations around service of the section [...]

Landlords Beware!!! A cautionary tale

Had an interesting eviction case recently which highlighted the ease that a well-practiced tenancy fraudster was able to secure tenancy after tenancy after tenancy. It all began several years ago in a very affluent area where the tenant in question, a lady of some means, was not getting along with her [...]

Possession in 14 Days at Dartford County Court

Possession in 14 Days at Dartford County Court. Representation from an excellent solicitors agent whose knowledge of landlord and tenant was superb! Tenant misguidedly thought that by returning all notices back to us she could claim that they had not been served and was shocked at the outcome. This was a [...]

Cheltenham possession in 14 days

Tabitha Walker Solicitors Agent from Jeffreys together with Gwyneth Allsopp Solicitor from Welcome Homes and myself. Possession secured in 14 Days at Cheltenham County Court on a wet and cold first day back after the Xmas break. Both Magistrates and County Court bursting at the seams today! Need an expert tenant [...]

Wolverhampton possession in 14 days

This was a last minute instruction following an adjournment on the 07/12/17. Possession granted in 14 Days at Wolverhampton County Court on discretionary grounds. Need an excellent Tenant Eviction Specialist with a provable track record? Call Charlie on 07738398720 or email on

Birmingham possession in 7 days

Possession in 7 Days at Birmingham County Court despite the Xmas moratorium on evictions. Tenant had only paid one months rent throughout the whole of the tenancy and therefore owed the landlord more than £5k – wish all my cases were this easy !. Need an expert tenant eviction service? Call [...]

NEW S.21

There is a new s21, it is form 6A, and a copy can be downloaded from The 6A is for all tenancies that commenced on or after 1st October 2015, but can also be used for earlier tenancies if you wish, although I don’t think it’s an advisable thing to do. [...]