Company Profile

We are an Affordable and Effective Tenant Eviction Company

Eviction Management Services is a professional tenant eviction company founded by landlords for landlords.

We have more than 90 years combined experience of Landlord and Tenant Law as well as management of Local Authority Homelessness and Housing Allocations Schemes – between us we also have a substantial portfolio of residential properties which we manage in-house so we know only too well the issues facing landlords in this current challenging environment, especially when a landlord needs to recover possession of his property and the tenant is not paying rent.

We have extensive knowledge on the law relating to residential property and securing possession where others have failed due to the complexity. Our Tenant Eviction experts have a flair for lateral thinking and problem solving and have a good eye for detail, providing an expert service from the simplest of cases to the more complicated cases involving serial tenancy fraudsters.

Why choose us –

Unlike some Law Firms and Tenant Eviction Companies that will treat you like a number, we will treat you like the individual that you are.  We provide a personal service tailored to your individual needs.  Evicting a tenant can be a long expensive process and on that basis our aim is to take the stress out of the situation and save you money in the process.

Many of our competitors will take your money before having a good idea whether they can successfully secure possession for you.  We will always make sure we can secure possession before we accept any fees from you.

If we cannot successfully secure possession we will advise you honestly why we can’t and what you need to do to be in a position whereby possession can be granted.