Our fees are very competitive. However, if an early surrender is not possible the process is the process. Getting the process right first time is therefore more valuable that saving £20-£30 by using a cheaper company. Possession proceedings gone wrong can be very costly indeed, especially when you factor in all the additional fees as well as mounting rent arrears.

Stage 1. Section 8 Notice Seeking Possession – £75

Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession (bringing the tenancy to an end) – £75

Stage 2. – Possession Proceedings – including drafting the possession claim, witness statements, and representation in court – £475

Stage 3. – Application for Warrant of Possession – the County Court Bailiff – £95

Evicting Your Tenant

Stage 1 - £75 inc VAT

Service of a s.8 or s.21 Notice on the tenant, and a professional but strongly worded letter advising them of the implications of not paying the outstanding rent or not moving out

Stage 2 - £475 inc VAT (+ court fee)

Possession proceedings. The majority of tenants will have left at the end of Stage 1, however if not we will assist you to obtain a possession order and money judgement order - whilst we are at this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.

Stage 3 – £95 inc VAT (+ court fee)

In the unlikely event of your tenant still being at the property on expiry of the court order we will help you apply for a warrant of possession. This will mean that the tenants are physically removed from the property.