Tenant Eviction Wolverhampton

The private rented sector in Wolverhampton amounts to around 18,000 properties of a variety of shapes and sizes. Demand is high as the waiting lists for social housing properties like most parts of the country are heavily oversubscribed.

Despite the many changes to legislation and regulations, and the introduction of additional licensing for houses in multiple occupation, the demand for private accommodation in Wolverhampton will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.  Wolverhampton City Council like many other areas around the country are already looking at selective licensing, so landlords are likely to have to face more regulation in the coming years.

This additional licensing and regulation can be a nightmare for landlords who haven’t kept up to date.  However, if you are having to evict a tenant as well as grapple with the increasing rules and regulations we can help.

At Eviction Management Services we take a keen interest in all the new legislation and licensing regulations so that we can help landlords to avoid problems.  The eviction process can be a minefield without the added complications now facing landlords.

If you’re a landlord, it can sometimes feel like the odds are always stacked against you.  So, whether your property is in Tettenhall, Wednesfield, Monmore Green or Merridale, if you’re having to evict a tenant and need advice give us a call.

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