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Tenant Eviction Derby

My husband found Charles on the internet as we was having problems with our tenant not paying all the rent and steadily getting into rent arrears. Charles informed us about the process and what and how we needed to proceed. We took his advice and communicated via email and telephone as we spend a lot of our time in Spain. Charles prepared all the paperwork. We did have problems with late post but Charles sorted this promptly. Everything was fine in court although we would’ve preferred 14 days possession but due to the tenants circumstamces was given 28 days but Charles did advice me what the options would be. So glad we’ll be getting our house back. Thanks Charles we’ll be in touch.

Jacqui Spence

Tenant Eviction Northampton

Hi Charles this a late one but i want to Thank You to help my tenants move out from my property. You have been very helpful and always there to advice me what steps to take next. You always answered my calls and texts and if you were busy you did state you will get back to me which you did. Due to wrong tenancy agreement all the issues araised however you took steps very carefully and convinced my tenants to move out without evicting them. This saved a lot of hassle in terms of time and court proceedings etc and i would recommend Charles Anderson and his firm to anyone who needs help evicting or helping existing tenants to move out if they are not vacating your property. The firm’s prices are very reasonable and they put 100% effort to customers cases to be resolved in a short span of time. Highly Recommended 5 Stars

Navid Shah

Tenant Eviction Manchester

Thankyou Charles for your invaluable knowledge & expertise, helping us with the unpleasant situation of evicting a tenant. Would throughly recommend you. Regards Nigel & Diane.

Diane Billing

Tenant Eviction Leeds

Well, I didn’t know where to start, finding Charles Anderson’s website was an amazing break as he gave me advice and guidance through a very stressful eviction process. He was knowledgeable, calm and guided me through the process at a time when I had difficulty facing my tenant. When attending Court, again he was professional and knew his job and the procedures which gave me reassurance. My tenant was successfully evicted. Thank you Charles Anderson!

Sharon Stafford-Jones

Tenant Eviction Birmingham

Engaged EMS and Charlie in particular to get rid of a particularly nasty tenant that had sublet my house to a large number of undesirables and made unauthorised alterations . The usual court process would have taken several months , but using I believe knowledge of local authority procedures on HMO licensing and Closure orders I got my house back (all be it in a state!) within 5 weeks of engaging him!., I would recommend EMS and Charlie in particular for his lateral thinking and skill in sorting my problem out !.. Thanks for making my year Charlie !.. I have several other properties and will definitely use him again if I run into trouble !!

Diane Cooke

Tenant Eviction London

Well, where to begin, being in a very stressful situation, having to evict a tenant, despite not actually wanting to, Charles Anderson was extremely helpful. A very calm and professional gentleman. The circumstances under which i came to be his client was not even straightforward and another person may well have abandoned us, instead he stayed the course with us and helped us through the next bit and answered all of our questions. I am truly grateful for having had his services, I hate to think of the position we may be in now without him. I would most definitely recommend him.

Nike Akiti

Tenant Eviction Burton on Trent

Finding yourself in the unfortunate position of having a tenant that needs evicting can be a stressful and very daunting experience. You can try and complete the eviction yourself but time is money if your tenant is not paying rent and/ or damaging your property. Do not waste any time !!!
The system to evict is complex and one wrong move by us the landlords can leave the tenant with the upper hand and delays in recovering the property. Therefore I decided to employ the services of an eviction management company . Charles Anderson was very professional and took the stress right out of the situation for me. He advised me appropriately and made all the contact with the tenant. He even accompanied me to court to secure the eviction notice. I didn’t have to worry about complex form filling as Charles completed everything for me, I just had to read through and sign if I agreed. Yes it cost money but Charles also recovered monies owing and so eventually his service paid for itself. I was very pleased with everything he did for me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to you. I hope I never find myself in the position of having to evict a tenant again but if I do I will be straight on the phone to Charles.

Trevor Marler

Tenant Eviction Leicester

Charlie was great. Very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. Didant feel like a number and although we ended up in court to sort it out it was down to Charlie’s advice that we won. Would recommend him if u need help. Worth every penny.

Richard Thackeray

Tenant Eviction Nottingham

Have engaged Charles Anderson from Eviction Management Services on five separate occasions since September 2015. On each occasion he has been able to obtain possession within 4-6 weeks of the s.21 expiring by persuading the 3 different Councils that were telling my tenants (who were not paying rent !) to wait for the bailiffs , that they were acting unlawfully !.. knowledge is definitely power , and his knowledge and professionalism is second to none in my view !.. I would estimate that over the 5 properties , his approach has saved me nearly £15K in lost rental income !.. I would recommend to anyone with a difficult tenant to remove , and now pay him a small retainer.

Simon McVerry

Tenant Eviction Swindon

Super professional and efficient service received. We got the result we were aiming for. Would highly recommend this company to any landlord experiencing issues with their tenants. Thank you Eviction Management Services …

Ambi Zahid

Tenant Eviction Bristol

Received an excellent service. Did not have to go to court once Charles had been in contact with the Council using the complaints procedure !.. Council were adamant that my tenant should wait for the bailiffs, but Charles persuaded them that this was unreasonable !.. Would recommend and definitely use again in the future!

James Kalter

Tenant Eviction Stoke on Trent

Mr Anderson is a very experienced agent in the Property Eviction area. He provided the first class service and get our property back at the most efficient way. I won’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is suffering the same problem as us before…

Li Ding